The Institute for Historic & Educational Arts:
"Keeping the skills of the past,
alive today"

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see real armour being built? What would it be like to watch a Woodwright handcrafting wood projects with archaic tools? How about blacksmiths beating metal in a forge? Or, watched Spanish blackwork painstakingly stitched by hand? Ever observed a potter turning a vase?

IHEA is a group of volunteers who are dedicated to teaching many of these almost "Lost and Forgotten" Arts.

IHEA's Artisans:
The artisans who volunteer their time with the Institute for Historic & Educational Arts love to share the knowledge and skills they have gleaned from their research of the Medieval and Renaissance Periods. Chat with us, take a class or spend time observing our demonstration.

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Slideshow of our crafters at work

IHEA's Artisans:

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